Hello I am Sacha, welcome to my website.

Musician and Media Artist, my work ranges from conventional music playing to the more obscure experimentation and research parts of the greater musical sphere. I like to study, create and perform a range of music, be it conducting an orchestra or building oscillator micro-chips.

As a youngster I was impressed by classical music as I loved bathing in the glorious depths of sound which whilst at home could only be experienced with an LP played through a decent HiFi! (some of you will understand;) - But I was also a natural engineer, making motorised toys, battery powered tools and Maccano automatons.

In my youth I had visions of being a ‘classical composer’, but my world became much broader than that. Instead it meandered left and right creating a rich and dynamic life for which I am very grateful. Having lived in various countries around the globe and worked on exciting projects in film, concert, festival, education, research, ethnomusicology and of course musicology. I find myself rewarded by these experiences both through the opportunities and experiences themselves and of course because of  the people I met and worked with along the way.

This website covers a few elements of what I do, it is intended really as a sort of CV for those who care to know. On the other hand it feels like a nice way to expose and celebrate some of my achievements and share my thinking with you. I will probably update the site and add information as and when.

Recently I returned to Wells in Somerset UK which has been my base for much of my adult life. Here I have my family and my roots which gives me a good base to work from whilst I continue the journey to developing some more new and exciting projects and research some fascinating new and old ideas.

To the right you will see a menu of images which depict my main areas  of experience, creation, study and qualification. Please feel free to have a click through. - I am happy to discuss getting involved in projects which require any of these skills, so please feel free to drop me a message.

Anyway - there it is…

Kindest Regards


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